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New York City Ballroom Dancing Lessons

New York City ballroom dancing comes in an assortment of styles. The basic forms, such as cha cha, rhumba, tango, swing, foxtrot, hustle, mambo, waltz, samba, paso doble and quickstep, are highly popular.

Grinding on the Dance Floor – How to Do it and is it Ok?

Dance forms evolve over the years and there is always a type of dance that some find offensive. Remember when Elvis started shaking his hips? In today’s world, the dance form that many find offensive is called “grinding”. This article discusses how to grind and asks the question: Is it ok?

The Different Styles of Salsa

Salsa has become extremely popular in the last decade and has been featured on popular shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With The Stars. Yet, most of the salsa on TV is just ONE style of salsa. There are many different types around the world, predominantly in North America. In this article we examine the most popular salsa styles and offer a description of the differences from footwork to handwork and other styling variations.

Zen and the Art of Dancing For Artistic Fulfillment

Most of the dancers I hear from are recreational dancers or adult dancers or adult beginners who are just getting started. The professional students have most of their problems solved by their environment. For the non-professionals, dance is also a soul expression, a creative outlet, resulting in the daily life becoming more artful. For what dancer does not do something everyday relating to their dance experience?

Top Tips to Learn Dance at Home

If you want to have the gym effect at home with your preserved tight clothes and sneakers, there is nothing better than learning dance at home! It gets you rid of your boredom of daily mundane chores and also gives you enough cardio exercise! It’s truly great to learn dance at home for all positive things it offers.

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