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Hip Hop Lessons For Dance and Rap

Hip hop lessons are growing in popularity, both in videos and in person instruction. The majority of people find that videos work well for mastering the basics, before taking an advanced class at a local gym or dance studio (most people don’t want to learn break dancing in front of others). Let’s look at where you can find hip hop lessons for dance online.

Sock Hop Dance Themes

The dancing style of the 1950’s is one many people remember fondly. Perhaps you were around to enjoy it back then. Most people though have to view it on TV from time to time.

Have a Fun First Date by Going Dancing

Planning a first date can be exciting but it can also be stressful. What are you going to talk about to keep the evening exciting?

Dancing Can Teach Children Discipline and Balance

Getting children involved in dancing can help them with both self discipline and balance. There are dance classes offered for children of all ages, even those that are very young. In the younger classes they will learn to do what the teacher is asking of them.

African Dance – An Introduction to African Dancing

Though many cultures and countries have national and ceremonial dances, few of them carry the social and historical significance of African Dancing. These elaborate dances not only help communities celebrate their festivals and specials events, they also help them tell their stories and record their history. Because writing and reading came late to some parts of Africa, music and dance were used as a form of unique oral storytelling that was utilized by people from many different tribes.

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