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Learn Ballroom Dancing

Have you seen the American hit TV show Dancing With The Stars? If you are dreaming of becoming a fantastic ballroom dancer and you want to learn ballroom dancing look no further!

Ballet Bar – Tips For an Effective Purchase

One of the most important tools, especially for ballet dancers is a ballet bar. This said bar or barre is a great way to do some exercise routine for obtaining a more flexible move.

What a Woman Should Wear to Ballroom Dance Class

Heading off to ballroom dance class for the first time? Its fun and exciting to start a new hobby such as ballroom dancing – but there is always a slight nervousness too – you don’t want to look out of place – so what are the dos and don’ts of dressing for a ballroom dance class?

What a Man Should Wear to Ballroom Dance Class

As a guy heading off to dance class you may well be out of your comfort zone anyways. So make sure you read this article so that you don’t come wearing totally the wrong gear!

How to Be a Better Social Dancer

Whether you want to salsa, tango or swing dance there are a few characteristics that distinguish a good dancer from a really good dancer. Practice these tips and you will find people complimenting you the next time you are out dancing.

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