Julia Ros Vidarsdottir (ISL) Women Short Program | Courchevel 2 – 2021

Getting Your Big Break in Dance

Hundreds and often thousands of dancers in one room. Dancing their hearts out trying to impress the choreographers and clients at dance auditions. For that one part.

Can You Learn to Dance From Dance DVDs?

There’s lots of DVDs available on the market that teach people how to dance. Are they a worthy substitute for real-life dance classes and lessons? This article discovers their true worth.

Developing Your Own Dancing Style

How to become a dancer that is different form others in a good way. Developing your own style and flavor.

The Deep End of Dance Classes

It can be intimidating or scary going into those dance classes which are advanced level. But the advantages can far outweigh the initial fear factor.

Knowing Your Rights As a Dancer

The days of dancers always being exploited are not as common these days. However it’s still a good idea to know your rights as a dancer.

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