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How to Give A Successful Dance Audition to Join a Dance Team?

A dance team or troupe is a group of dancers and other related person who work together for dance performances. The group normally consists of dancers, choreographers, art and rehearsal directors, costume and lighting designers, marketing managers, and general manager.

Beginners Guide to Selecting Tap Dancing Shoes

The Beginner’s Guide to Selecting Tap Dancing Shoes. It gives practical advice to those wanting to take up this dance style and selecting their first pair of tap shoes.

The History of Tap Dancing

There is not much written about the roots or history of tap dancing styles. This will give tap dancers reference material to understand the past times of this great dance style.

Fashion Tights For Dancing

It’s important that while dancing you need to be able to feel comfortable, not to get too hot and also be able to have a lot of movement. Fashion tights can provide all of these! This article aims to explain why fashion tights are the perfect garment to be worn for dancing purposes, no matter what style of dancing!

Why Are So Many Women Addicted To Pole Fitness?

Women all over the world are addicted to pole fitness. There are a number of reasons why. Endorphins, improved body image, weight loss, improved self esteem and perhaps the attraction to a risque sport are some of the reasons why.

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