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Belly Dance Your Way To A Sexy Figure

If you want to drop pounds, gain flexibility, and show off just how sexy you can really be, it’s time you learned about belly dancing.

Finding Exactly the Right Fit in Pointe Shoes

There are a lot of options available in ballet pointe shoes (ballet toe shoes) now, and if I were a young student I would be mightily confused. And yet relieved, too that there might be a shoe that will fit exactly right, and not be too painful to work in.

Ballet Shoes, Pointe Shoes, Daily Exercise and Diet

When to start taking dance classes in professional ballet shoes is a frequent discussion in dance studios. I talk very generally since I have never seen nor taught any of the students that I get into a discussion with. Basic technique has to be very strong before you can do pointe work. Posture and turnout must be correct and strong. Here is one thing you can do just as a self-test, to determine how your strength is developing.

All The Amazing Facts About Indian Belly Dancing Men

When one conjures up the images of belly dancing it is most commonly female Indian belly dancers that saturate the visions in the mind however there is little known about Indian belly dancing men or the fact that they even exist. Indian belly dancing men do exist in fact and there are still many of modern day male dancers that exist in all areas of the globe from the Americas to Turkey and Egypt. The practice of men belly dancing has been going on for hundred of thousands of years and has even been traced back to the very beginnings of belly dancing.

Salsa Dancing For Beginners – What To Look Out For

Salsa dancing in the club for the first time can be an awesome experience. As you let down your inhibitions and step into the world of social dancing, remember not to let down your guard. Here are some tips for beginner salsa dancers on how to look out for yourself, so you enjoy your night of salsa dancing!

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