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How to Top Rock When You Breakdance

Top Rocking can be one of the most rewarding elements of b-boying. With all the variations and style you can really express yourself. When I teach people to top rock I usually teach a few basic styles. Most importantly be on beat.

How to Six Step When You Breakdance

If you want to learn to breakdance you will need to learn the six step. Master the technique that is considered the corner stone of b-boying.

How to Jump Higher For Dance

When doing dance there are many important factors that go into being good, but one factor can take you from being good to great; your ability to jump higher. If you lean how to jump higher for dance you can do more moves that others can’t do and you will get noticed for it.

Tap Dance Mat Features & Benefits

Tap dancers, students, and teachers know the importance of being able to perform, practice, and choreograph regardless of space limitations. When you own a portable tap mat, you can perfect those challenging tap dance combinations in the privacy of your living room.

Dance Fitness Programs

There are all sorts of fun and exciting ways that you can get in shape today, some of which happens to be the great dance fitness programs that you can get involved in. The nice thing about many of the dance programs that are out there today is that you can have a great time while getting a great workout.

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