Katarina DelCamp and Ian Somerville 2020 USFS Championships Free Dance

Adult Dancers Worry About Weight When They Get Back to Ballet

Adult ballet beginners or dancers who have decided to get back to ballet after years off, worry about losing weight first. Many have established eating habits that are hard to break. Some practice emotional eating and want to stop. A little special help is needed to change lifestyle choices and create healthy eating habits which can benefit you in many ways.

Six Main Styles of American Ballroom Dancing

Every wonder what the most popular styles of ballroom dance are? There are a lot taught but there are six main styles of the American ballroom. In this article I’ll introduce you to all six styles.

How to Work on Balance and Coordination in Your Dancing

Having balance and coordination is just as important for a dancer as being supple and having strength. Once you have done your warm-up and your stretching, it is time to move, and this is where coordination and balance come in. Having balance and co-ordination is a quality that will allow you to occupy and travel through space with greater awareness, confidence and control.

Dance Instructors – How to Build a Good Reputation As Successful Dance Instructors

The article provides helpful tips for aspiring dance instructors on how to have good reputation. Being famous and well-known for producing talented dancers is one of the greatest achievements for dance teachers.

Dancers – Learn How to Stop Emotional Eating

Over eating, or eating the wrong foods is usually an emotional decision. Refraining from eating empty calorie high carb foods is not really dieting. It is just eating well. Dancers need calories, but they also need a lot of protein and supporting nutrients from green vegetables, salads and fruit.

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