Katarina DelCamp and Ian Somerville USFS Championships 2021 Junior Ice Dance Bronze Medalists

The Three Things Every Ballet Dancer Must Have

The three things every ballet dancer must have are beveled feet, legs that pull all the way up, and port de bras or control and placement of the arms. These three technical elements simply make or break ballet and without them it is impossible to advance or get noticed by any professional company.

Breakdance For Beginners – 5 Breakdance Tips!

So you’re a breakdance beginner and you want some great tips to help you along so your learning curve is shorter! Well then read below for some great tips for the breakdance beginner.

Ballet Bar For Starters

Every mastery in each type of sport whether its an indoor or outdoor sport, starts with the athlete’s mastery of the fundamentals of his or her respective sport. Like in tennis, you have to have a good grip in your racket, a good balance stance, timing and footwork before you improve the power of your shots.

Dance Instruction – Understanding Musicality in Dancing

Dancing is the expression of harmonious movement to music. Our range of expression is limited by our physical ability to control our body movement as well as our understanding of music and possibilities of expressions.

The Benefits of the Correct Ballet Dancewear

Ballet is a very popular style of dance to learn particularly amongst young girls. If your child is considering taking up ballet, then here is a quick guide to the different types of dancewear and dance costume available for the ballet dancer.

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