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Dance Teachers – A Dance Teacher’s Role in Helping Students Choose the Correct Footwear

A guide to helping dance teachers assist their students in choosing proper footwear for dance classes. This article points out a few commonly overlooked issues when selecting proper footwear fro students of all ages and abilities.

How to Tango in 8 Easy Steps

Want to learn how to Tango? Ballroom dancing is big right now and the Tango is one of the most popular styles. Following these eight steps you can learn to Tango at home.

Dancers Weight Loss – Decrease Carb Cravings

Struggles with losing weight for dancers (or anyone) has much to do with trying to decrease carb cravings. If it were not for the constant craving of carbs, sweets or not, dieting would be easy. Many habits considered normal in our current way of eating actually INCREASE carb cravings. But maybe a better idea – what if you could lose weight without dieting?

Learning Ballet is Great For Children

Learning ballet provides a great deal of benefits for children. Any good dance school or dance academy will have well structured lessons that are carried out in a safe and structured environment. In these classes your child will be both physically and mentally challenged which will help focus their mind and maintain their interest. As their ability improves, so will their co-ordination, self control and discipline which will in turn improve their self confidence.

Tap Dancing is a Great Way to Keep Fit!

Obesity in modern day society, particularly among young adults and children, is a growing problem. Motivating this generation to exercise regularly instead of spending a significant amount of time in front of a computer or television is very challenging. However, tap dancing is a great way to encourage this! The chances are there is a dance class eager to take on new students not far from your own home.

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