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Kids Learning Ballet With a Ballet Bar

Ballet is a type of theatrical dance which basics and fundamentals starts with equipment called the ballet bar. The performance displays the glam and elegance of the dancers.

Dancing at Any Weight – Are You Too Heavy to Be a Dancer?

Traditionally, dancers are supposed to be tiny and gorgeous. But in today’s world, being overweight is a relatively common problem, and while professional dancers still face the pressure to stay thin, regular mortals can enjoy dancing at any weight.

Get Strong For Your Ballet Dancing

A strong body and having strength is very important in your ballet dancing. Having strength is more than the ability to pick up heavy weights, it is more a sum of your energy. Strength in your body defines your presence, enables and empowers you.

The Right Pointe Shoe and ‘Bad’ Ballet Feet

It is pretty awful that when I search Google and “bad ballet feet” comes up with over a million sites and “the right ballet feet” or “flexible ballet feet” comes up with between eight and two results. It is a cultural bias that persists in the world of ballet, yet many many famous ballerinas did not have ‘the right ballet feet’, Margot Fonteyn, a legend, for one.

Latin Dance Shoes – Make the Right Choice!

Ballroom shoes, which are especially designed for ballroom dancing, play an important role in helping the dancers move swiftly and take their steps in the perfect and most beautiful manner. These shoes are different from the regular shoes in many ways; the most important feature is their soles.

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