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What Is a Dance Leotard?

The dance leotard is a skin-tight one piece garment that covers the torso but leaves the legs free. Its qualities make it ideal for styles of dance such as ballet and jazz. The dance leotard is available in several different cuts such as tank, cap sleeve, camisole, polo neck and long sleeve though there are variations of each of these styles.

How to Choose the Best Dance Leotard to Suit Your Needs

Dance leotards are worn by dancers for practice and performance. They can vary in design, colour and quality. If you’re new to dancing and want some advice on choosing the best leotard to suit your needs, here are some top tips.

Healthy Fat Loss – Dancers Know About Mind Weight Loss

Needing to lose weight fast and keep it off often comes up unexpectedly. Whether it is to drop 50 pounds, or those difficult last five pounds, it is a challenge. Dancers especially have the motivation to practice healthy fat loss. Yet, they must keep their muscle mass and strength up too – no foolish or desperate eating behavior will help them in the long run. Yet, that would apply to every one else as well.

Classical Ballet Technique and Getting Into Ballet Pointe Shoes

Dancing dreams of you, in a tutu, pink tights and beautiful satin pointe shoes… follow that dream. Learning classical ballet technique requires building on the basics slowly – and the demands of detail train your brain as well as your muscles. Many young ballet students clamor to know “when can I get into pointe shoes?” The answer is, you start training for pointe work from your first beginner lesson in the dance studio.

Belly Dance Bra and Skirt Sets

Beautiful gold and silver coins, crystals and beads, silks and velvets, greens, purples, reds and blacks, these all make up the most gorgeous belly dance bra and skirt sets. There is such a variety of styles out there for you to choose from. Do you want more coverage or less?

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