Katarina DelCap & Ian Somerville 2021 USFS Championships in Las Vegas Free Dance

Dance Boot Camps Are Beneficial

You probably know that the vivacious and sexy form of dance called Salsa has turned out to be most popular dance form in the past few years. People of all religion, race, age, sizes, and shapes are leaning salsa.

Members Post Information About Their Dance Videos

Salsa is a lovely dance form as so every couple wishes to learn the romantic moves of Salsa. It is one of the numerous styles of Cuban dance which are extremely popular nowadays. In fact, salsa dance, Bachata and ballroom dance.

Buy Salsa Videos – They Teach You From Scratch

If you are the one who is thinking of trying your hand or may be your legs at a new dance form, then you must buy salsa videos. It is not only because it would help you hone your skills at dancing but the most important factor of them all is that it is one of the most sought after dance forms in the world.

Dance Instruction – Understanding Musicality in Dancing – Part 2

In our previous issue we covered “Musical Arrangements” (how songs are structured.) We also provided an outline on how to choreograph a dance to a particular song. In this issue we’ll be covering “Phrasing” – how to give different interpretations to a particular dance pattern within the same musical segment.

Ozark Mountain Square Dancing

As Americans, we look at foreign countries and sometimes find their customs a little strange if not amusing. That’s a two way street. Sometimes the things we do are just as peculiar.

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