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Seven Reasons to Salsa Dance

The Salsa dance is a Latin dance that is fueled by Afro-European music, Cuban Band melodies and Latin American beat. The salsa is a passionate and vibrant dance.

Instructions on How to Dance – Learn Dancing Your Way!

You can get instructions on how to dance from many different places. The secret is to learn dancing in a way that best suits your needs!

An Introduction to Salsa Steps

Before you start mastering your Salsa steps it can be useful to get an overview of the Salsa dance. In this article I will describe Salsa from a birds-eye perspective, so you get the bigger picture, while learning the different Salsa steps.

Are You a Dancer Or Do You Dream of Dancing?

Many think of dancing as too difficult for them. It simply isn’t true that so many people have two left feet they simply need to find the most appropriate type of dance to suit them. Alongside this the method of learning must also suit the individual, here’s some advice to help you decide what’s right for you.

Ballroom Dance Lesson – How to Become a Great Leader on the Dance Floor

Becoming a great leader on the dance floor is a lofty goal with many rewards. It’s also within the reach of anyone willing to pursue this elusive skill. There are two key ingredients to becoming a great leader.

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