Katerina MRAZKOVA / Daniel MRAZEK (CZE) Ice Dance Rhythm Dance | Courchevel 1 – 2021

Fitting Ballet Pointe Shoes – Some Extra Tips

It is exciting when your dance teacher tells you that it’s time to start dancing ballet in pointe shoes. New, shiny, pink satin pointe shoes are beautiful. Every student has to have an idea of what they should look for in getting exactly the right fit. Hopefully the ballet store will have an area of floor for fitting ballet pointe shoes, and a ballet barre (bar) or chair back to use for support.

Is Weight Loss by Dancing Possible? Simple Tips on Dancing Your Way to a Healthy Body

Going to a dance class is a great way to kick start your exercise program for natural weight loss. You are more likely to keep going if you enjoy the activity. Combine having fun whilst trying to lose weight and you will increase your chances of successfully fitting into smaller outfits.

Do That Salsa Thing Now!

Salsa’s flaming hot dance moves gives surprises. Each sways, turns, and hip swings are flaming hot benefits of contagious flaming hot sensation. Since 1950’s, sexy and hot salsa is burning the dance floor around the world.

Learning Salsa Dancing Through Video

Many things are now made possible because of the internet. Almost anything you can think of can be made available online.

Follow the Hot Salsa Beat

The Moving of the Hips, the Cuban beat, the swaying of bodies… this is what it is like to dance the Salsa. The Salsa dance integrates the dances of the rumba, the Pechanga, the Mambo and many other dances into one sizzling dance.

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