Kelly Arnett, Junior Free Dance 2021-22, “Angel by the Wings/Helium” – Sia

An Unrivaled Gift to the Dance Community

Capezio products have always remained at the head of superiority and technological advances in dance shoes, for example the split-sole and the ‘tapsneaker.’ Capezio still hand-crafts footwear for many Broadway shows and company’s such as Cats, The Lion King and for Disney World, over 100 years after Salvatore fixed his first pair of shoes for the Met.

Ballet Bar – Making Decisions For Your Needs

A ballet bar is an important tool in practicing routine especially for the routines of a ballet dancer. We all know that a ballet technique consists of stylized movements and positions that involve flexible movements of the body, proper toe movements, etc. To do so, a ballet bar is needed for them to be in balance while in the dance floor.

Video Yourself Dancing

If it is your intention to become a better dancer tomorrow than you are today, video yourself dancing…If you dare! Video is a great tool to be used to improve your dance skills. Not only does it show you exactly how you are dancing, it also give you a benchmark on where you began. Videoing yourself every 6 months or so will show your improvement.

Dress For Ballroom Dance Success!

Depending on the type of dance you are doing, and where you are doing it, you will need different costumes. For instance, if you are heading off to dance classes, you certainly wouldn’t want to wear a formal gown. On the other hand, if you are going to an actual ballroom dance, perhaps a charity event, you will want to arrive wearing nothing but your finest formal attire.

Ballet Moves – The Quick & Easy Guide to the Perfect Demi-Plie

Fantastic as a lower body workout (try doing it for an hour and you’ll know what I mean), and helping you increase your skill as a ballet dancer, is the Demi-Plie (pronounced Demi-PLEE-Ay). Mastery of this, and other ballet moves, will have you well on your way to becoming the next Prima Ballerina of your dance school.

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