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Modern Ballroom and Sequence Dancing

Many years ago the new culture called ‘sequence dancing’ flooded the ballrooms ensuring that today modern ballroom has all but disappeared and as the youth of yesteryear reach their twilight years, even the era of sequence dancing is in danger of fizzing out altogether. Clubs accommodating the friendly…

Simple Tips to Avoid Ballet Injuries

Having ballet injuries is normal for a ballet dancer or for someone who is learning to dance ballet. Ballet injuries usually transpires while performing or learning ballet dancing. Because of this, there is a new field of practice being opened up for medical practitioners known as dance medicine.

Salsa Dance Moves – 5 Tricks For Making Tough Salsa Moves Look Easy

A lot of the people I teach are always asking me how I make many of the salsa dance moves look easy on the dance floor and I usually just tell them practice, practice, practice. But every now and then I’ll let slip some sneaky technique that I use that can make seemingly tough moves look easy. Today I’m going to give away 5 tricks that you can use straight away to improve your salsa dance moves.

Pointe Shoes – What Is Sickling And Fishing?

Dancing in pointe shoes is a very precise technique – if you want to avoid common dance injuries such as sprained ankles and knee sprains. A young dancer, or an adult ballet beginner, may take two or three years of classes, and be constantly sickling in, or curving the ankle inwards towards the center of the body, or “fishing”, or curving the ankle outwards away from the center of the body. On a working, or presenting leg, where there is no weight on the foot, it really does not matter. But on a supporting leg, the leg that bears the body weight, it certainly does matter – especially if you want to dance in pointe shoes.

Before Dancing In Pointe Shoes, How Is Your Demi-Pointe Range?

When will I dance in pointe shoes – many ballet students wonder. Doing ballet in toes shoes is an extension of all the ballet you have already done. If you are wondering how good your feet are for training in toe shoes, check your demi-pointe range, which means, when you are on your highest demi-pointe with knees straight, and posture correct, are you up high enough to be on the platform of a pointe shoe? The following will help you check this, and offer help if it seems you cannot get a good range of motion in the right joints, for being able to rise up enough in a ballet pointe shoe.

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