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The Foot Thong and Your Feet

As a dancer, your feet (and of course, toes) are very important. One way to take good care of your feet is with a foot thong. Often, people in the audience see how graceful the dancer is on stage.

How to Breakdance For Beginners – 5 Tips!

If you’re thinking of taking up breakdancing well let me tell you now that it’s probably the most rewarding and most interesting sports in the world! No two breakdancers are the same, we all have our own styles and moves! However when you’re starting out, its best to get advice from other breakdancers. After all, we were once beginners too! Take a look at my following breakdance for beginners tips.

Choosing a Good Pair of Tango Shoes

Footwear is a very important part of your dance costumes. Especially with fast moving dances like the tango. Get the wrong tango shoes and you can hurt your knees or ankles.

Dancing is Good For Your Physical and Mental Health

Many forms of exercise are viewed as mundane, boring and unappealing whereas dance can be fashionable and fun. There are countless styles to choose from and they all have significant health benefits as they burn calories, increase energy levels, improve circulation, tone muscles and strengthen bones.

For People Who Love Dancing

Dancing is one of the most enjoyable activities a person can do. There are people who have natural talent and can move to any beat and others who have two left feet and have to undertake some form of training before they can put their right foot forward. If you live in Memphis you are lucky as there are many institutions which facilitate dance lessons Memphis.

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