Lindsay THORNGREN (USA) Women Free Skating | Courchevel 1-2021

The Thrill of Line Dancing

This article will introduce the thrill of line dancing to you. If you are a fun of line dancing, you will learn more about it.

The Basics of Square Dancing

Square dancing is a very old form of dancing that involves a group of people. This article will introduce the basics of square dancing.

Pole Dancing Isn’t Just in the Strip Clubs

When you mention pole dancing, many men and women immediately think about strip clubs. However, that isn’t the only place you will find them. This article will let you know more about pole dancing.

Michael Jackson Dance Moves

There is no denying that Michael Jackson was an icon of the 80’s and of pop music. Many people would have said just six months ago that his finest days were well behind him. In fact, many critics were speculating about how his upcoming tour would fare. With his recent death though it seems that people just can’t get enough of him. There are many things to reflect upon, with one of them being his dance moves.

What is a Free Standing Ballet Bar?

Every dancer if every form of dance, no matter how experienced and proficient, takes daily practice to keep their bodies supple and strong. How much more in ballet? Ballet is physically demanding form of dance; it requires tough exercise routine, perseverance and most of all, patience. Any aspiring, beginner dancer should conquer their fear of pain.

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