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How to Learn Better in Ballet Class

How do you increase your concentration and learn better in ballet class? This is important for you to learn faster, make faster progress and increase the strength and accuracy of your ballet technique.

3 Compelling Reasons Why Your Kids Should Do Ballroom Dancing

Did you know that ballroom dancing could dramatically help your kids’ development? Ballroom dancing is currently enjoying a revival thanks to the success of many TV shows showcasing ballroom dancing to the general public. It is now so popular that it has become part of the mainstream. Nevertheless, your kids can also benefit greatly by taking them to ballroom dancing lessons and learning this craze. Here are 3 compelling reasons why your kids should do ballroom dancing.

Developing a Strong Dance Frame

Establishing a quiet, stable dance frame, is a goal that all dancers should aspire to, enabling them to achieve that essential connection with their dance partner, allowing them the luxury to not only listen to, but enjoy, the music that they are dancing to. Spaghetti Arms, or lack of Dance Frame, is a common problem for new dancers. It is one of the most important building blocks in becoming an accomplished dancer. It is also one of the most difficult skills for a new dancer to master. It is equally important for the leader and follower to both have, and maintain, a good, constant and continuous dance frame. I often hear a leader complain that a follower doesn’t have frame, and therefore he is unable to “lead” her. This of course, is an accurate statement. It is possible, however, that these “leaders” have yet to develop their own solid dance frame, themselves.

Learn Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing has always been popular, but ever since dancing with the start premiered, people have been crazy about it. Learning ballroom dance steps can be a difficult, but extremely fun and challenging hobby. It’s also a great workout, if you have any doubts, look at the dancers on dancing with the stars. Ballroom dance requires a lot of legwork and movement, keeping you toned and in shape.

Performing Ballet Bar Exercises – What You Should Really Know About it to Avoid Any Mistakes

It is a good idea for the ballet dancer to get into the habit of being able to do the ballet bar exercise without actually using the bar however before you can do this you need to know how to use the bar properly and how to do the exercises correctly. When you use the ballet bar you should just rest your hand on it and when you do this it is very important to relax your wrist.

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