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Enticing a Male to Dance

Men are attracted to the opposite sex. Some are shy and prefer a lady to take the lead. It’s not hard to get a man to dance.

How to Bellydance – Class 1 Warming Up Routine

Hi everybody, Welcome to our free online belly dance course: How to belly dance. First of all, we have to thank you for your interest to learn the magical belly dance art. In this article of our free belly dance classes we will cover a mental and physical warming up routine.

Fire Dancing

Fire dancing is fascinating and dangerous which only adds to it’s attractions for many people. This form of dance – and it includes candle dances – finds expression in a number of countries in the world.

Too Old to Start Ballet – Don’t Underestimate Yourself

The discussion about when you’re too old to start ballet is ongoing. If you want to do ballet, don’t underestimate yourself. If you have no dire medical condition, and are under 75, I say go for it. Many things in life are about finding the appropriate challenge. If you can find the right ballet classes, dance and enjoy!

African Dance and the Controversy of the Pelvic Thrust

For centuries sexual connotations have been attributed to the so called pelvic thrust in African dance. The earliest European descriptions date back to a time when all things African were described as “primitive”. Very little early documentation exists. What there is, is limited in the main, to a few drawings or grainy, jerky footage often filmed with amateur cine cameras by travelers, missionaries, and early colonial functionaries.

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