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Hip Hop Dance Lessons For Free

Hip hop dance lessons are growing in popularity, both in studios and online. For most people, online video instruction is a good place to try out a dance style before paying for a studio lesson. People everywhere want to learn how to break, pop and lock.

Exercises For Pointe in Adult Ballet Classes – Warm Up and Awareness

Exercises to prepare for pointe shoes – most ballet exercises cover a lot of muscle groups, or in general focus on the feet/ankle muscles. I would like to help you by explaining a simple exercise you can use as a warm up before class that will activate your posture, leg muscles, and foot muscles.

Ballet Bar – Exercise Equipment For Novice Dancers

The ballet bar is also considered a barre. This is specifically used for handrail, which is used by dance learners to warm-up exercises. This term also denotes the exercises, which warm you up. It is also used for a part of that class which has barre exercises.

Performing Stretching Exercises on a Ballet Bar

The ballet bar is one of the most essential piece of equipment that a ballerina can use during warm-ups. One such exercise is ballet stretching, which is the foundation for all levels of ballet dance training.

How Adult Beginners in Ballet Can Progress to Pointe Work

Most adult ballet beginners I talk to are motivated to add home practice to their dance class schedule. If you want to progress to pointe work, you can save time and money by learning exercises targeted to prepare the foot muscles for pointe. An added bonus to this focus is, that the same exercises enhance your balance and all your ballet footwork.

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