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Dance Classes – More Than Just Dance Training

Dance classes provide so many different and important things for children. Its not only about the steps or even the rhythm. I’ts about character building and self-confidence.

He’s Got the Moves

19-year-old Joshua Allen, the hip-hop dance phenomenon who took home the winning spot on “So You Think You Can Dance, Season Four,” grew up dreaming big and imitating Michael Jackson. Now the Fort Worth, TX native has a “So You Think You Can Dance” world tour and a movie role to look forward to.

Learn to Dance – 7 Great Reasons to Take Part in Dancing

Dancing is one of the most enjoyable hobbies or pastimes, and it is now possible to learn to dance in your own lounge. Do this with one of the world’s leading instructors.

How Much Practice Do You Need to Become a Dancer in Music Videos?

Does it take a lot of practice to become a dancer in music videos? Find out how much practice you need to get there.

How Many Dancers Are There at Dance Auditions?

Once you make that step of deciding you want to become a dancer, dance auditions and castings will become a part of your schedule. How many other dancers are you likely to be in competition with and how good are your chances?

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