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Learning to Dance – My Mum Was a Dance Teacher

My Mother was a Dance teacher. She had her own dance class and also Instructed at a Major Dance Studio. She tried to teach me at an early age but I never progressed to a level of being noticed. I was reluctant to follow in her footsteps and I continually refused her efforts. It was many years before I would follow her talents.

Get Into the Groove – Dancing For Health

Dancing provides enormous benefit, helping to increase cardiovascular fitness, which burns fat and improves muscle tone, coordination and posture. On an emotional level dancing lifts the mood, lowers stress and builds self-confidence.

Is it Too Late to Start Dancing?

If you’re an adult wanting to take up dancing is it too late to start? Is it a skill that you have to learn while you’re young or can the skills be developed as an adult?

Dance Troupes That Make an Impact

There has been a huge increase in the number of dance troupes around. There was a time in the 90s where some proclaimed dance was dead but it has come back stronger than ever.

Club Dance Styles on the Dance Floor

Many people have a goal of being able to dance on the dance floor. They take up dance lessons only to find that they rarely learn the type of dance moves they learn on the dance floor of clubs and events. So what is club dance?

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