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Live to Dance

Dance has been a way for people to express emotions for many thousands of years, and also to portray activities and to worship Gods and spirits. Dances have been thought to have the power to grant success to crops and hunts and to prevent terrible storms or droughts.

In Turmoil Over Tap Shoes?

Loads of people love to dance, though many do not stick to a certain branch of dancing. The majority of individuals will dance at parties, in clubs or other events in an improvised fashion. For some, however, the dances they choose to perform are very specific and disciplined, such as ballet. Tap dancing is very specific, but also allows for improvisation.

Leotards – Practical and Beautiful?

Certain items of clothing allow for almost infinite decoration and design, and many of these items are very well known – basic t shirts, for example, are worn the world over and vary from being plain, short sleeved affairs to being really jazzed up, designer items with great design, colour and, importantly, flair. Leotards are very similar. A basic item of clothing that is widely worn – albeit mainly in sporting and dance applications – which can be transformed from a plain design into something really beautiful or stunning. Many dances are an artistic attempt to convey a certain message to the audience, and the right leotards can help to achieve this.

Inspire Your Child

It is by no means unusual for little girls have dream of being ballerinas, in fact for many this dream continues into adulthood, although often with a hint of wistfulness! For a few the dream may have become reality, through years of lessons. If your child wishes to learn to ballet dance, and you are in a position for this to happen, then you may wish to let them have a few lessons to see how they get along.

How to Dance – Spin Turns

Spin Turns are a very popular type of turn that allows you to stay in the same spot while turning – used in many of the rhythm dances like West Coast & East Coast Swing, Cha-Cha, Salsa and Samba. This exercise will allow you to practice swiveling on the supporting foot and controlling your balance.

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