Louise BORDET / Thomas GIPOULOU (FRA) Ice Dance Free Dance | Courchevel 1 – 2021

The Secrets of Ballroom Dancing

The history of ballroom dancing is very rich and full. It goes back many years and comes from many different countries all over the world.

Breaking Tiny Foot Bones and Getting Back Into Pointe Shoes

Ballet dancers and other athletes can develop shallow cracks, or stress fractures in their tiny foot bones. Inaccurate training, a suddenly increased practice schedule, badly fitting pointe shoes, or a change in flooring can cause this type of dance or sports injury. These injuries must be treated properly if you want to be getting back into pointe shoes as soon as possible.

Why Should You Take a Foxtrot Dance Lesson?

If you want to begin learning ballroom dancing techniques, you should start by taking a foxtrot dance lesson. The foxtrot has been around for many years, but it hasn’t lost its appeal.

Top 5 Ways to Learn Ballroom Dancing

Maybe you already love other sorts of dancing and just want to expand on your dancing knowledge. Whatever your reason is, it’s easy to learn ballroom dancing. Here are five easy ways to go about it.

Beats Per Minute and Beats Per Measure – The Two Important BPMs of Every Song!

This article is written for swing dancers of every skill level who are interested in understanding the basics of musicality. It specifically addresses the “time signature” of six-count and eight-count triple-step footwork.

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