Luca FUENFER (GER) Men Free Skating | Courchevel 1 – 2021

Tango Dance Steps – A Passionate Dance

The tango is a hot, sultry dance full of strutting proud men and softly flowing women. While it retains many elements of the other dances, it has its own movements which set it apart from the other dances. These are quick turns and jerky arms and leg movements most people are familiar with. When dancing tango dance steps, it should be noted that a proud, strong and quietly dignified expression and bearing is a hallmark of the accomplished tango dancer.

Taking Advantage of the Brain Body Connection in Ballet, Sports, & Fitness Training

Classical technique takes strong, long, lean muscles and a healthy brain. Ballet/sports/fitness goals are demanding and time consuming yet can be life’s inspiration even on a recreational level. Understanding and using a natural posture of the spine in any style of dance classes actually supports healthy brain function, which in turn governs many chemical messenger processes that result in body strength and elegance and the enjoyment dancers and fitness buffs seek.

Mystic Belly Dance – Ancient Secrets For Modern Women

Belly dancing grabs hold of your imagination and links modern times with earth’s ancient past. This dance evokes timeless archetypal images and movements inspired by animals such as camels, snakes and birds; totem animals for a dancer. Belly dancing expresses all those feelings inside us that we can’t put words to, and tells stories of love and life with mystic movements.

Ballet – Various Art Forms

Ballet entails more than just putting on a tutu and dancing all over the stage with pointed feet. There is so much more to this craft beyond what the eye can see. The average person would find it extremely difficult to perform a ballet.

Ballet Shoes – If the Shoe Fits, Wear It

Ballet is an art that people around the world love to watch and admire. As many of us know, ballet is a dance that cannot be done without wearing the correct costume, clothing attire or gear; whichever you prefer to call the dressings of a ballet dancer and this most certainly includes the ballet shoes.

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