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Street Dance Classes in London

Street dance describes quite another of dance styles, but the term is popularly used in London and the UK. What street dance classes can you find in London and what styles do they do?

Silver Bling and Things That Ring – Belly Dancing Hand Jewelry

Dancers all have their special needs. Ballet dancers need their tutus and their silky toe shoes, but belly dancers? Ah, belly dancers get to wear sparkly, shiny, tinkling hand jewelry! How great is it to have a style of dance that is beautiful before the first step is even taken? You can hear them coming before they even take the stage, and you are already anticipating magic.

Choosing the Right Belly Dancing Class

Belly dancing is a very popular hobby these days. Almost every gym in the country seems to have some form of belly dancing class available. Along with all these classes there are videos and DVDs that will teach you how to belly dance right in your own home.

Getting Your Money’s Worth From Dance Classes

All dancers need to go to dance classes at some point. If you go to any number of dance classes, you’ll obviously want to make the most of your money. Follow our pointers.

Freestyling at Dance Auditions

Auditions frequently require you to learn a dance choreography. Many of them also require you to freestyle – is there a freestyle style that will help you get the part?

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