Marko Piliar SVK Men Short Program | Courchevel 2 – 2021

The Roots of Stepping – African Dance

Stepping, as an art form, can not be anything but African American. The loose limbed movements and rhythmic poundings of the dancer’s body are indigenous to African culture.

Build Strength For Ballet Technique by Understanding Your Core Muscles

There are many good articles on the internet about your core muscles and how they stabilize the body and prevent injuries and low back pain. To enhance your ballet technique, and your grace, in ballet shoes and pointe shoes, the following tips will help. When you build strength in your core, you support high extensions, pirouette and fouette positions, pointe work and grand allegro.

Finding Balance in Dance with Mindful Dance Dimensions

Mindful Dance Dimensions is a holistic model for navigating the dance world. With a fully dimensional view of what is involved in the creation, performance, education, and administration of dance, we can make smarter, healthier, balanced decisions. Emphasis is on finding balance in all dimensions. Using the metaphor of the classic Greek and Buddhist elements (note: Chinese elements differ), Dance Dimensions lays the foundation for elemental balance in all facets of dance.

Dancing Lessons That Make You Loose Weight – Dance And Get In Shape

It’s fun, it’s healthy, it’s beautiful – it’s dancing! No matter if you are dancing alone or with a partner, it is always demanding physically. But isn’t it much easier to stay a couple of hours on the dancing floor than in the gym?

Build Strength by Doing Ballet Barre Exercises Without the Barre

Choose some daily routines from class, and do them without the barre. I used to implement this early on in a class’ development. After a few months, when every student understands and executes correct technique in plies, battment tendus, battement degages, and battement frappe, I would have them do those exercises periodically, all away from the barre. Weaknesses and misunderstandings show up this way. This is one way of working smarter, as in pre-pointe exercises, to assess exactly the right level of progress for your self, or your class.

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