Matt and Vicky say goodbye to the ice in Dance Week | Dancing on Ice 2021

Matt and vicki and colin and clebera have done all they can. One couple will stay, the other will leave the competition tonight. It’s decision time, so our judges will each give us the name of the couple they want to save.

In the event of a tie this week’s, head judge jane will have the casting vote so ashley. I’m coming to you first based on just a skate-off and who you’re saving and why um well? Firstly, cardinal cabrera: you had a great skate off, really really enjoyed that performance and for you guys, matt and vicky, i mean what a roller coaster in two performances to do.

I think you handled it really well, but based on the skate off the quality and the content, i’m, going to save colin and clavera one vote for colin and clabira john matt vicki colin claver. You guys all were fighting for your position tonight.

Um valiant effort valiant effort, but the couple based on the skate, the content and how they well, they performed. I’m saving, colin and claibera, so that’s, two votes for collin and cladera chris matt and vicki.

First of all, congratulations for doing this and, being here and being a part of this um hats off to you. It was really a valiant performance, as john said, and everything they’ve said, but based on this performance tonight, i’m saving colleen and clebera.

Well, we can see what ‘ S happened now, but let’s. Uh, let’s. Just get the vote from our head judge jane. What would you said yeah i mean uh, matt and vicky. You should be so proud of what you’ve achieved and it was great to see you skate twice.

Actually yeah um, but i’m safe, i would say colin and calvera, so we can see what ‘ S happened. Uh, colin and clabera skate into valentine’s day. I think you know this is sad actually because i feel like we could have got so much more from you.

I mean yeah. I’m, quite relieved um. This is the most horrifying and terrifying and fear-inducing thing i’ve ever done. So, like i don’t know if i could have done it for another week, was there a bit of enjoyment there look.

The whole experience has been amazing, like training to skate. I think the standing was amazing because everyone was doing the tv bit. I didn’t have to do any of that. I was very happy, but it’s been great and vicki’s been phenomenal.

Like i loved skateboarding, it was pretty picky, but we’ve loved. Having you back as well. Will you keep up skating? Definitely you’ll. Keep yeah. Are you going to keep skating? Okay? What about you um yeah, i mean yeah.

I can’t. Wait till i ‘ Ve got a mulled wine at christmas, around the ice rink being that guy who thinks he can skate that’s. What i’m, looking for well done! Everyone lives here. One final time for matt: i’m vicky.

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