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Ancient Therapy – Discovering the Joy of Dance During Troubled Times

Since ancient times, dancing has served as an informal method of helping people cope with life’s challenges and crises. Viewing a performance can also be a healing experience. Dancing is a complex art is capable of expressing complex feelings that are beyond the limits of language.

Timing – How To Dance Cha-Cha

Cha-Cha music is 4/4 time, and also has 4 steps to a bar of music. The last bar screams for you to step to the left and close your feet so this step has the characteristics of moving the foot to the side and closing the feet, which in turn produces the “cha-cha” sound, which is the name of the dance.

Finding The Right Ballet Shoe

Finding the right ballet shoe is every important. This article will help you understand what you should look for. Finding the right ballet shoe will ensure that you don’t damage your foot, thus affecting your dancing.

Ballroom Dance Tips

Ladies enjoy being led comfortably around the dance floor, not pushed, pulled, or yanked from one position to another. In order to lead gentleman, you must be strong. Now that’s true to some respect, but not like the term implies. A strong leader is one who keeps his dance position still throughout the dance, without continually moving his arms.

Belly Dance and the Feminine Image

Women through out history have made history either with their beauty, charm, intellegence or all the above. There are always myths that come with any image or part of history especially with women. This is just my thoughts on the matter.

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