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Bloch Dance Shoes For the Ballroom

Bloch has been a famous brand name for high-quality ballet shoes for many years. Their success has inspired a modern collection of Bloch dance shoes for more contemporary styles as well. Ballroom dancing, made popular by the recent success of the television series Dancing With The Stars, is one style that Bloch represents particularly well.

Great Lovers Can Dance

I guarantee that you will never regret the moments you spend with your lady in your arms dancing. Dancing builds great memories, and a legacy of fun together. If you want to be known as a Great Lover, become a great dancer.

Ballet Dancewear Through the Ages

Ballet’s origins now span the course of six hundred years, when Domenico di Piacenza developed theatrical dances called ballettos in the 15th Century as court pieces performed with lavish costumes as a form of entertainment. Since then, several significant innovators have contributed to ballet dancewear and developed the art form as we know it today.

Ballet Bar – A Great Option For Beginners

Bar ballets or barre are the railings that most of the dancers use to bring certain positions and movements in a balance. These are used as rehearsal items. Dancers use these for warm up exercises as well. Types: These are generally of two types including fixed and portable option.

Ballet Pointe Shoes – Ballerinas Floating in the Air

The graceful sway of a ballet dancer performing is amazing when she is actually up dancing on her toes. Their dancing shoes called ballet pointe shoes or toe shoes help them do just that.

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