Meet The Pros! | Dancing on Ice 2021

If you have an extra 10 minutes, i can tell you how humble i am too. I would describe myself in three words as honest on time and a complete geek that’s kind of four words, but i would say that i’m driven.

I’m energetic and i’m. Very honest. Bubbly smiley and happy caring, loyal and hard-working. How would i describe myself in three words: relaxed lazy, adventurous, easy going, light-hearted, funny, fun, loyal and very compassionate, loyal, positive and adaptable, positive and dedicated bubbly artistic, sometimes funny try to be funny kind of fun, loyal, patient and predictable patient persistent and dedicated.

If i was going to go for a fourth um, if you have an extra 10 minutes, i can tell you how humble i am too, that’s. Good [, Music ], i don’t know i’m. So the fact about me that surprises people is, i’m horribly predictable.

I’m left-handed and i’m dyslexic, so i can drive really well in the uk. The fact about me that surprises people is, i’m much taller than they think i was born in seoul. South korea, but i don’t have an accent.

Obviously i’m very, very sensitive, but because i’m, you know i’m a little bit bubbly and and hyper, and i love being around people. Sometimes people don’t realize how sensitive i can be. I love visual effects and i do a lot of that as a hobby.

On the side, i was actually born in albania and i am a full albanian heritage. I’m metis, so i’m, a cree native from canada and that’s like native and european mix. So people don’t really know that about me, probably that i have ice cream and popcorn every single day.

Every day i am insanely into rock music, maybe that i’m a it’s mischievous i mean i am really nice. Don’t get me wrong, but i can get yeah giggly and really a bit crazy. So i have that side to me too.

Obviously, somebody that gives me candy all the time. So. Mr colin jackson, i’m, really excited about having jason donovan. I mean i had him in my poster in my girl bedroom at home, uh growing up. So i’m, really excited about that.

Obviously, graham bell, you might laugh, but my dream celebrity partner still today, christopher dean, undoubtedly the one and only jane tarble. You know i’m kind of living, the dream right now, so i would say: rebecca faye brooks jeanette cranky because she’s, like literally this big and she’d, make you laugh, probably natalie portman, shawn mendes, john lennon.

I’ve, been thinking about it all the time queen. Although i’m too young for her, though [ Music ], my favorite ice skating move is a death drop. The death drop the hydro blade, so that’s. When you get really really close to the ice and you’re, basically like face on the ice on one leg, i really love it.

My favorite ice skating move is the gainer a gainer. It’s. One of my favorite lifts to do with my husband, andy on the ice. It’s, a one-arm lift, not a lot of people. Do it it’s, one of our biggest most dynamic tricks.

He uses one arm and he lifts me up upside down above him, and i hit this really unique beautiful position. It’s really dynamic, which i like, and it surprises the audience because it comes out of nowhere.

My favorite skating move would be triple axel because i could never do it well, it has to be the head banger, the johnny weir, so you guys go really fast and then you lie flat on the floor on your back and you’re.

Just like i do it all the time should be called the vanessa power. My favorite ice skating move is backwards, crossovers spread eagle the spin, the building spins. Probably i love a good spin, even though i get dizzy nowadays.

I love a good spin. Anything where i’m lifted or like thrown about and stuff, i’ve, told jason this, but he’s, not really ready. I would describe my teaching style as collaborative structured, disciplined and motivational fun light-hearted, but when it comes to it down to business, i would describe my teaching style as optimistic strict, but with a smile, strict but positive.

I really believe in positive reinforcement, relaxed fun, but really really focused fun, but also very patient yeah, especially right now, firm, but kind and funny the louder. You scream the faster we go if you want more dancing on ice.

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