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Ten Reasons to Love Ballroom Dancing

You’ve probably seen the very popular BBC television program Strictly Come Dancing, in the USA it was called Dancing with the Stars. If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about look no further because here’s a beginners guide to the top ten reasons to love ballroom dancing.

Why Ballroom Dancing Makes a Man More Attractive to Women

Ballroom dancing is a partner dance and in most situations involves a man dancing with a woman. This isn’t always the case but this article concerns itself with the simple question of whether ballroom dancing makes a man more attractive to women.

How to Learn Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing is a great hobby, pastime and for some competitive activity. Getting started however can at times seem daunting so what’s the best way forward? Well it depends on several things such as what you want to achieve and the facilities available in your area. This article looks at the various options available and their respective merits.

A Chiropractor’s Role With Neck Pain and Stiffness in Ballet Training

Ballet training can bring on pain and stiffness that does not go away in the muscle recovery period, which is rarely sufficient. Once a pattern of tension is established, a ballet dancer must follow a specific routine to reverse the harmful trend before arthritis sets in. Neck pain, back pain, and unresolved muscle tension will lead to ballet injuries if left untreated.

Ballroom Dancing is a Great Way to Stay Young and Beautiful

According to researchers social dancing provides the body with many health benefits. It may help reduce stress, increase energy, and improve strength, muscle tone, and co-ordination. Dancing can also burn as many calories as walking or riding a bike. One factor that determines how many calories you will use is the distance you travel while grooving to the beat.

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