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How To Breakdance

People have been trying to learn how to breakdance or Bboy since Break Dancing became popular in the 70’s. The best method to learn how to breakdance is by finding other breakdancers and practicing with them. The moves may look difficult at first but if you practice constantly and do not give up you will learn them.

How To Relieve Muscle Pain That Has Become Chronic In Ballet, Dance And Cheerleading

Dancers and cheerleaders need to know how to relieve muscle pain that has become chronic. Often, some area of the hips in particular can become imbalanced because of a postural misalignment. It seems like nothing gives those sore muscles relief. In many cases, you will see a dancer’s or cheerleader’s postural habit when they are not dancing or practicing. There are variations on the lack of the postural plumb line, which is a line going straight down through the body, through the natural curves of the neck and spine. Ideally, the ankles, knees, hips, waist, and shoulders are all stacked neatly. A tight area in the psoas, the muscle that lifts the legs to the front, will pull the low back out of alignment. The back will look swayed, and the thighs will turn inward.

Ready For Pointe Shoes – Do Your Feet Have Ballet Muscles?

Almost every dance student starts ballet because they want to dance in pointe shoes. They know they will have to work hard to get their foot muscles strong enough for the beautiful pink satin toe shoes. Adult ballet beginners know they may not get into toe shoes but are willing to try.

Body Language in Partner Dance

Much of dance styling is actually based on instinctive signals that we send using our bodies. By understanding this body language we can better understand what we should do to improve the way we dance.

How to Get a Male Dance Partner

Many women have issues getting men to dance with them because of the gender imbalance in partner dancing. This article summarizes some strategies that can be used by women to increase the ease of finding a partner.

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