Michaela Vrastaova (CZE) Women Short Program | Courchevel 2 – 2021

Are There Any Underground Dance Studios in Your Area?

How can you find out about the underground dance studios that some of the best dancers go to practise? There is a way if you know how.

Are Beginners Dance Classes Really Suitable For Beginners?

Looking to start some beginners dance classes? Find out what you can expect and ways to make the most out of those first classes.

How Many Dance Agents Does a Dancer Need?

A dance agent can help your career enormously and send you on many jobs and castings that may otherwise not have come your way. How many dance agents does a dancer need?

How Important Are Good Contacts in the Dance Industry?

How many good contacts do you need to be able to make a success in the dance industry? How do you make these contacts?

Making Money As a Dance Teacher

Teaching dance is a career path that many people go down. Is it a career that can provide a good income?

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