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Dancing To Stay Young and Sexy – Who Knew?

Now that a majority of the baby boomers are at the retirement age new ways to keep active and healthy are being developed. Zumba, hula, and belly dancing are just a few of the jam packed fitness classes that are offered at the trendiest fitness clubs across the country. And they are so popular because they’re fun and make us feel young.

The Most Comfortable Dance Shoes in the World

Jacob Bloch was a shoemaker who emigrated from Eastern Europe to Australia at the peak of the Great Depression in 1930. He began making shoes by hand in the workshop where he lived and managed to save just enough money to bring up his three children with his wife.

Help Me Find A Ballet Leotard For My Child

If you’re reading this article you’re child is probably about to start ballet class for which they need a ballet leotard. If you’ve never before been involved with dance or ballet it can be difficult to know where to start so hopefully we’ll be able to help!

Ballet Leotards – A Wonderful Piece of Dancewear

The ballet leotard is a truly wonderful piece of dancewear. Its snug formfitting qualities make it completely flexible and ever-adaptable. It elegantly shows off the curves of the dancer’s body, is breathable and provides the foundation for a fantastic dance costume.

Ballet Classes – What Your Child Needs

The first thing you need to do when your child decides that they want to attend ballet class is find a good dance teacher and a good dance school. Once you’ve done this, you will need to find a good place to buy the dance wear that your child will need for the class. The dance teacher should provide a comprehensive list that will include items such as ballet shoes, ballet leotards and ballet tights.

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