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Capezio Dance Shoes and Other Kids’ Dancewear Necessities

Having your child get into dance can be a wonderful thing, especially if it’s something they have shown an interest in. And when it comes to having your child prepared with all of their dancewear, you want to make sure you follow a simple check list of what to buy. From Capezio shoes to Mirella leotards, there’s basics that every child needs.

Salsa Dance Steps – How to Learn the Right Salsa Dancing Moves to Turn Heads On The Dance Floor

Salsa dance steps aren’t as hard to learn as you might think. Read on to find out how to get good at Salsa dancing by practicing all the right moves.

Balancing on One Leg, Shivanata Leg Movements

Doing shivanata leg movements in sync with the arm movements is fun because you can feel like a martial artist even if you aren’t one. And whether you are or are not, you can use these leg movements to practice balancing on one leg and improving coordination.

Dance Lessons

Are you one of those people that has two left feet? Are you trying to impress that special someone but are afraid of your bad dancing skills? Try getting some dance lessons. Dance lessons can be taken in a number of ways and offer many different programs. If you are looking to learn how to dance for your wedding, are looking for a work out or are just trying to learn to dance in general there is something for you.

Is Your Salsa Dancing On Time?

Salsa timing and rhythm may come natural to some of us, but for many it does NOT. Find out how you can improve your Salsa dancing and timing.

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