Nicolien & Matej – Als Het Avond Is // DANCING ON ICE // #7

Thoughts On Sexuality in Pole Dancing

While reading the articles and pole dancing class descriptions, it may sound like this is something similar to what happens in strip clubs. Actually there are several key differences…

Why Start Flamenco Classes?

Looking for a fun distraction from your usual lifestyle? Want to reinvigorate it with something new and exciting? Trying to meet people and learn a new skill? If your answer to any of these things is ‘yes’ or you think you could benefit from any of these things – then flamenco classes might be just right for you and might have a lot to offer you.

Getting Ready For Pole Dance Performance: The Psychology Of A Dancer

If you are pole dancing you probably know, that learning to do all the tricks is one thing, but giving a performance absolutely another. To put on a truly amazing performance as a pole dancer, you must start with the most important part of the dance – the mind-set. When you have the correct psyche, you will look hot, even if you are wearing sweatpants! You must become someone else, and you can do several things to help you create your new, sexy, alter ego. That’s the focus of this article – getting your mind ready to dance.

Salsa Dance: Find That Latin Beat Everywhere

Anytime you hear any style of music that taps into that Latin soul inside of you, get up and dance it! Don’t hold it back!

Lap Dance Classes – Why They Are a Huge Waste of Time and Money!

Lap dancing may not be the world’s oldest profession, but until recently, mainstream society has considered it along the same lines. That perception is changing rapidly. In the last few years, there has been a huge increase in popularity for live erotic entertainment, not only in strip clubs but in private homes as well.

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