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Kids Dance Classes – Are They an Alternative to Team Sports?

Lots of parents enroll their little girls in ballet classes. Ballet is certainly one of the most popular kids dance classes. But some parents think dancing is only useful if the child wants to become a professional. They question the logic of letting their child dance, as opposed to letting them play a sport. Here are some things you should consider.

Dance Class – Advantages of Salsa Dance Class

For the salsa buff wanting to learn the salsa basics, the best option comes in the form of salsa dance class. The salsa dance class is the best place to begin the salsa journey. The best tutors in the dance class know how to impart the basic essentials into the students. Also, there are many advantages that come along with a salsa dance class.

Summer Program Ballet Audition Tips

If you are like most young ballet dancers, you are gearing up for 2010 Summer Intensive Program Auditions. You have been taking class every day and working on the corrections that your ballet teachers are giving you. You have been putting 100% into every ballet class, but you still feel unprepared. Does this sound like you?

Ballet Audition Tips

If you are like the majority of young ballet dancers right now, you are getting ready to go away for a summer program soon. You worked so hard to prepare for your auditions. You even got in to the summer program of your dreams, but the preparation doesn’t end there.

How Come Professional Dancers Look So Good?

When professional dancers do dance routines they look so good and make it look easy. How do they do this?

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