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How To Moonwalk Like Michael Jackson

The moonwalk was one move that set Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, apart from the rest and made him such a huge sensation on stage. Millions of dance enthusiasts all over the world try to learn how to moonwalk or try to learn to dance like the King of Pop, but his style is not easy to master. The moonwalk move is a type of an illusion, where a person glides backwards, while he appears to walk forward.

Key Elements in Learning to Dance

Have you ever felt as though there is something wrong with your body or brain when it comes to learning to dance? Well, you are not alone. While some people are blessed with natural grace and co-ordination, others of us are not. When you watch proficient dancers dance, they make it look so easy. You think to yourself, “I could do that”.

Dancer’s Makeup: How to Properly Apply False Lashes

False lashes are a very important part of every dancer’s makeup kit. However, not everyone knows the proper way to apply them. This article will give you easy steps to apply false lashes to give you that fabulous performance look.

What Do I Need For Jazz Dancing?

Jazz dancing as we know it became recognized by audiences around the world during the 1950s. It’s a highly energetic form of dance which is rooted in African American vernacular dances which were around in the late 1800s to the mid 1900s. If you’re just about to start jazz dancing classes, it’s an exciting and challenging style of dance to learn and you’ll probably have a few questions about what you’ll need.

Jazz Shoes and Dance Sneakers – The Differences

Both jazz shoes and dance sneakers are highly versatile styles of dance shoe though they each serve a different purpose. Jazz shoes are designed primarily for jazz dancing though they are suitable for many other styles such as rock ‘n’ roll and modern amongst others. Dance sneakers are also very flexible but are designed to provide more support to the foot. Like jazz shoes they’re also used for many styles but are particularly popular for break dancing, hip hop and street dance.

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