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Clog Dancing – Offering High-Levels of Attitude, Energy, Exercise, and Fun

Clogging is a fast-paced self-entertaining form of dancing done both by individuals and by groups or teams. It’s can also be done competitively, or to entertain varied audiences. This article gives the basic information on 1) what clogging is, 2) where it came from, 3) how it’s taught, done, and organized, and 4) how much it costs.

Does Recreational Ballet Dancing Exclude Dedication in Dance?

Recreational dancing and recreational ballet dancing come up in the top ten of many national sports and recreational lists. World wide, people love to dance. There is intense dedication in dance with students, including adult ballet students, that adds quality to their lives, and quality to our cultures in general.

Ballroom Dancing – What Are the Jive and the Samba?

The Jive and The Samba are two Latin American dances that have very different origins. The Jive is the fastest of the Latin American dances, whereas The Samba has its origins in the Rio Carnival.

Dances in India – The Celebration of a Rich Culture

There are a number of dances in India which are a part of different cultural groups and states as well. Different parts of the country have their dance form which is shared and enjoyed by the people of other communities as well.

Belly Dancing Coins – The Coins & the Key to the Sparkle and Shimmer of Belly Dancing Costumes

If you have been around belly dancing for any length of time then you know that belly dancing costumes ramp up the fun factor. If you watch an experienced dancer closely you will notice how the costume of a belly dancer is just as much a part of the attraction as the moves themselves. The flashing gold elements of a good costume are a staple of the art.

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