Nikola Fomchenkova (LAT) Women Short Program | Courchevel 2 – 2021

Dance Etiquette – 10 Things Not to Do in Dance Classes

Dance etiquette, how to maintain it and keep high standards in dance classes. 10 things not to do in dance classes.

Can a Hopeless Dancer Learn to Dance?

Want to learn to dance? Of course you do. But if you’re a terrible dancer is it a skill that can be learned? Find out here.

Learn How to Salsa – Salsa Bootcamp Review

Salsa has become one of the most popular dance styles in the world today. This article is a review of Salsa Bootcamp, which is an online Salsa school. Find out what my experience was as a member to decide whether Salsa Bootcamp is for you.

How Good at Dancing Do You Have to Be to Join a Dance Agency?

Joining a dance agency can help a dancer a lot with their career and help them got more auditions and jobs that they want. How good do you need to be to join a dance agency though?

How Good Do You Have to Be to Become a Backing Dancer?

Looking at the standard that a dancer needs to hit to become a backing dancer for the stars. Find out if you’re at this standard yet.

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