Nina Pinzarrone (BEL) Women Short Program | Courchevel 2 – 2021

Train Your Brain and Activate the Body-Mind Connection by Watching the Best Ballet Movies

When schedules are tight, dvd movies can offer a wonderful form of entertainment and escape. Whether you’re in the mood for action adventure, romance, comedy, drama or the grueling technical moves and ballet positions, the world of ballet movies provides all.

Mens-Only Dance Classes

Despite dancing becoming an activity more and more males are doing, some are still afraid of doing a dance class and feeling embarrassed with women around. Is there such a thing as mens-only dance classes?

10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Dance Classes

Once you’ve started your first dance class, it can become an addictive activity and it can become a regular part of your schedule. As well as being fun and a great form of fitness it’s great to learn to be able to dance properly like the professionals as well. Most of the time you will not be told how to make the most out of your dance classes, and as a result many people neglect things which can help them a lot with their dancing.

5 Sure Ways to Leave a Lasting Impression at Dance Auditions

Dance auditions are all about leaving a big enough impression on the decision makers that they give you the call for the job. Find out how to make a lasting impression.

The Nervous Anticipation of Going Back to School For Ballet

You have a lot of things running through your mind. Will the same students be in your class? Do your new pointe shoes look okay? Never mind are they exactly the right fit? Is your ballet wear cool? You know you’re going to be really sore after that first class.

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