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How to Understand Overpronation and Knee Pain If You Have Flat Feet

What is over pronation (usually resulting in knee pain)- this is the inward roll of the foot while standing, walking, running or dancing. Allowing the flat foot to roll inwards causes noticeable internal rotation of the lower leg and can cause knee injuries.

Which Jazz Shoes Are Right For You?

Like any other kind of dancer, those who dance jazz have certain clothing needs. Footwear is really important to people in everyday life and activities, and is especially so for dancers. Over the years dance shoe and sportswear manufacturers have put a lot of research and effort into producing practical, comfortable and supportive shoes for dancers.

Dance Studio Guide

Once you’ve taken the plunge into wanting to take some Ballroom Dancing Lessons – the first questions will be where, and how? There are several types of studios in the US. Most of them are “independent” and offer a variety of dances per a large accreditation organization.

Uniforms Unite Classes in Comfort

There are lovers of ballet all over the world, and in each new generation there are those who feel drawn to this traditional form of dance. By far the best way to learn any sort of new dance is to attend specialist lessons. These should be run by professional dance tutors, trained to help people of all personality types and skill levels to achieve their very best.

When You Think You Are Too Old to Take Up Dancing, Think Again

When age seems to be the excuse you are using for whatever it is you want to do, but are not doing, give it up! Want to go dancing? Start today, pick up one foot before the other, (this usually helps keep you upright on the floor), then place that foot back down and pick up the other!

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