On Ice Improv with Kjerstyn Hall to ‘Homemade Dynamite’ – Lorde & SZA

Ballet Dancing – The Story of Vaslav Nijinsky (1889 – 1950)

In the ballet dancing world, Nijinsky was and still is a superstar. His virtuosity, and especially his extraordinary elevation astounded audiences, who had never seen anything like him. In fact there were many rumours circulating that he had bones in his feet like a bird that allowed him to soar through the air to magnificent heights. Marie Rambert made this comment about his elevation, “I don’t know how far from the ground it was, but I know it was near the stars.”

The War Between Sexes – Lead and Follow

Out of those who have ever, even once, tried Ballroom dancing, or any kind of partner dancing, how many have been told that the man leads and the woman just follows? Probably most, if not all.

Learn to Breakdance

Have you ever seen someone breakdance on television and got the thought: I want to do that. I want to spin on my head and be like that guy. I think all of us had that thought and that is why I made it easy for anyone interested in breakdancing to find all you need to become a real breakdancer – or as we say in the breakdance world: Become a real bboy.

Dance Recital Costumes For You Or Your Little One

Getting ready for a dance recital means that you will need a few things, dance recital costumes are the main things on your list. You will find that a lot of girls take this night as some sort of competition.

Some Important Facts About the Ballet Bar

There are many experts who agree that they do extremely well in the world of performing art just because of their refined movements. And these refined movements and workouts are the result of ballet bar exercises. Ballet bar which is also known as barre is a great instrument to bring delightful and stylish movements. It gives the performer more courage and practice that is not possible otherwise. However, if you also want to use this bar, make sure that it should be strong enough.

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