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Is Hip Hop Dancing Hard?

Watching hip hop dancing can be very exciting and make you want to take it up. Is hip hop dancing hard to do though?

5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Dance Classes

Learn how to get the most out of your dance classes and find maximum improvement. Use the tips here to propel your dancing forward.

Are Dance Routines Difficult To Learn?

Dance routines are effectively dance moves that have been put together into longer sequences to create a dance performance. If you do just one dance move repeatedly it’s not really a performance but put several together and you’re suddenly heading in that direction.

Is Having A Locking Dance Teacher Important?

Should you get a locking dance teacher to help you to learn the dance style? Or is it possible to learn locking on your own?

Which Is Harder To Learn Out Of Popping And Locking?

So you’ve found out that popping and locking are not the same thing and are now trying to decide which one to learn. Is one of them easier to do than the other?

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