“Our judges weren’t allowed on purpose!” Tarasova on news that a number of Russian judges failed to pass the training standards at the ISU seminar

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According to Match TV, a number of Russian figure skating judges failed to pass the standards for advanced training at the ISU seminar in Frankfurt.

Sud i figurnoe katanie
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source: matchtv.ru

Sergei Roslyakov applied for the position of technical specialist in pair skating at ISU events, Elena Fomina – technical controller in single skating, and Olga Kozhemyakina – technical controller in pair skating at international competitions below the level of Grand Prix and ISU championships.

Thus, Russia will still not have its own technical controller in pair skating at ISU events. All of these specialists will have the opportunity to retake the tests for the selected positions after 2 years.

According to TASS, the Russian specialists did not pass the interview.

“The Russians passed the first two tests perfectly, with the highest scores. However, the interview, which was conducted by representatives of England, Germany, Norway and other countries, our specialists with vast experience in domestic and foreign competitions, did not pass.

The representatives of Russia, who have huge experience in judging at the largest Russian and international competitions, were not allowed to improve their skills, while a number of judges from European countries, the USA, Canada, Australia, where they cannot boast of figure skating of such a level as in Russia, succeeded.

Judges who judge two or three competitions a year have improved their qualifications.” the source told

Of course, Russian journalist couldn’t help but start calling everyone to comment on this shocking news)

Tatiana Tarasova: Our judges were not allowed on purpose! Because such brilliant, smartest judges who know figure skating, like Olya Kozhemyakina, cannot fail to qualify.

Judgment is getting worse, who sits in this commission to improve their skills? They themselves do not understand anything in figure skating. This is a planned action, because nothing is being developed in any of Australia and New Zealand.

source: metaratings

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