Rafael Arutyunyan: “Malinin is a product of Russian-Soviet school of figure skating, not American system, there’s no system in the USA.”

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Rafael Arutyunyan on the air of the program on Match TV called the American Ilia Malinin, who got into the Guinness Book of Records for performing the quadruple axel in competitions, a skater of the Russian school.

Rafae l Arutyunyan
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source: matchtv.ru

Rafael Arutyunyan: This young man is quite self-confident. He knows what he is doing and has been working towards it for a long time. Last year, he was second at the US Nationals, behind Nathan Chen, who has dominated the world for the past four years. The guy is very good, smart. I hope he puts his fame to good use.

This is a skater of the Russian-Soviet school of figure skating. Let’s start with the fact that his parents are athletes of the Soviet school. They raised him. I help him, being also of the Russian-Soviet school. Malinin is not a product of the American system. At the Tutberidze’s rink, everything is systemic, but in the USA there is no system. In America, this boy was brought up by Russian coaches, and the country gave him the opportunity to realize himself. It’s also worth a lot.

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