Renat Laishev: “Rumours that Kostornaia returns to Tutberidze are well founded”

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General Director of the Sambo-70 Renat Laishev commented on rumors about the possible return of Alena Kostornaia to Eteri Tutberidze.

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source: dd. 3d March 2021

Renat Laishev: Rumours that Kostornaia returns to our school are well founded, but it is not known whether this will happen or not. There is such a desire, we would love to have her. The desire comes from Alena. She did not contact me, they decide everything with Eteri Georgievna. So everything will be as Tutberidze decides. And I, as the head of the organization, will be glad if the girls reunite. We are like those parents who enjoy their children.

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